How should I make my ad for my game?

Game: Bridge of Doom! 💣 - Roblox
How should I make a ad for my game, banner or skyscraper? What should it look like?

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The beauty of marketing my friend!,
You have to test the waters for what works for your game / player base

I personally like to think of them as YouTube thumbnails when it comes to design,
but you can also go the clickbait route as that has worked for some.

My suggestion to you would be to make 1-2 of each (banner, skyscraper, square) and run them all at the same time to see what sort of impression you get along with CPC, then narrow it down to the best 2-3 then run those on a larger scale.

One thing to note is that if your have a really good icon and title sponsors can do most of the heavy lifting as now with the new update your game can appear on the front page with a small ad spend.


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