How should I make my pets?

I want to make some pets for my game but I’m scared that Preston will find some way to take my game down because of how my pets are shaped. Any advice on what I can do?


If you want to avoid any kind of dispute because of the cube pet drama (as if anyone could own cubes cough cough), you can just opt for any other type of stylization. It depends on your game’s style, do you want something realistic? Maybe your game is more cartoon-like and, therefore, you want pets to follow the same style?

If I had to make a suggestion, I’d say to take inspiration from stuff related to the style you’re working with. If you want your pets to be hyperrealistic, just go ahead and look at real animals (I don’t think zoos or Mother Nature will sue you for that). If you want cartoony pets, look at how different TV shows, games, and even stuff like plushies do their job.

For example:


Looking at these, you can easily tell instead of being shaped off of cubes, their main shape is a cylinder! That’s a nice start: an easy shape to work with on Roblox, and has a wide variety of stylization options.

Or these other plushies, they have an egg-like shape, and they have everything you could want from a cube pet.

In the end, it all comes to your taste, your game’s needs and other key factors, but I hope these tips are of help!


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