How should I name this game?

I’ve almost finished a puzzle game but I don’t know how to name it.
I’m searching for a creative name that is unique and could attract players towards playing it.

The game:
It’s a puzzle game in which you (obviously) solve puzzles in order to turn the light back on.
The game is mostly made up of cartoony looking blocky shapes.

Thanks in advance!


What if you named it “Turn on the light” (Sorry im not the best with names)
(Its a very good game)

I think that’s a bit long and it also looks like a sentence.

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I’ve thought of a name like “Unlighted”, “RE:LIGHT” or “RE:COLOR”, but I don’t think that’s really how the name should be.

: O “Unlighted” is a really good name

The creator of the place isn’t you, and you’re not in their friends list. Could you quickly explain why this is?

It’s my alt.

a bunch of letters

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I still find it a bit strange that you aren’t friends with it, but that’s okay, I have an alt that I use to play games, and sometimes make games, so It gets awkward really fast.

whats ur real acc? sus btw can u mention down credits


Unlighted is okay as well, if the game goes good it would be more original yet switched would be a more common term.

Also probably do mention your alts name on the description/ use your main account on the devforum. :+1:

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Try finding (not too common) synonyms for the words light, switch, blink, puzzle. It’s how I usually name my games.

I don’t think that that’s his alt. He has the skin of bacon and on the alt, there’s a fully customized skin. Which doesn’t have sense. Normally, alternative accounts don’t have extreme skins or skins at all. But hey, I know nothing about him so maybe it is his alt.

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Lol. Didn’t think someone wouldn’t trust me but ok.
I made the alt to not embarras myself with my dumb questions about CFrame :rofl:

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You shall not be embarrassed. You can ask anything DevForum you’d like.

Also, this is my alt, not that account :smiley:

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Hello. The game does not load. I have rejoined, waited and changed my settings but nothing worked. This may be a problem with the game or a problem with my account.

  • PolyGlo

  • Glo-Blox

  • Puzzle Switch

  • Darkness

  • Unlighted (you made this one)


I don’t know what’s the issue. It worked well a few hours ago. Where does it get stuck, roblox loading screen or a black screen?

It gets stuck at the black screen.

Well, then I have no idea what could be causing that.