How should I price my GFX?

Hello, I’m looking to start a GFX business and I’m not sure how to price them. Here are some examples:

If you have any ideas, please submit them!

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Hey man, I feel like your not ready to price your gfx yet. I’m not gonna lie but they look low quality and I just think you should practice more. I’m not trying to be rude at all. I’m just being honest. Anybody could create the same gfx with under a week of GFX experience. Trust me I know what I’m saying I used to be in the GFX industry as well.


The main issue is that they need more detail. A lot more detail. And use cycles if your not using cycles already.

Thank you for the feedback, it wasn’t rude, and I see that now. I will practice more and try more techniques.

I am using cycles, so I’m gonna guess that it’s my lighting. And do you know any good youtube channels or stuff on the internet that I could use to help improve my quality?

First of all consedering addong 3d clothing for top notch detail

Try Xenici. He makes a lot of GFX videos from speed art to lighting explanations.

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You should also edit your renders in photoshop, if you don’t have photoshop use photopea

I currently use GIMP and Photopea for my GFX. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks! I’ll watch some videos from his channel.

These are pretty good! The lighting is slightly bland, but everything else is well made, including the builds and the camera angles.

Thank you! I do agree, though, I really need to improve my lighting.

I agree, you do need to improve on lighting such as the shadows because they just look like a Roblox game on graphic level 1 and probably character’s posture are bland too but overall its great.
Just keep practicing.

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