How should I spawn my players

I am currently making a round based game (similar to freeze tag games and such), and currently I am to the point of spawning players on the map. However, I am unsure wether to teleport the player using Cframe or to just put invisible spawns on the map and reset all the players.

Some extra information:
I would like to (in the future) have a cutscene play before the player spawning
The players are already sorted into teams of taggers and seekers

So how should I spawn the players? Cframe, invisible spawns, or some other method I didn’t think of?

Well, lets get out a poll, woohoo!!

  • CFrame
  • Invisible Spawns
  • Other

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thnx lol totally forgot u could make poll XD

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both practices are ideally ok. personally i would use cframes to avoid a randomized spawn which you would achieve with more than 1 spawn instance in your workspace.

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CFrame, if you want them to spawn in the map you can add spawns but don’t make them reset, just change their team to that spawn team. CFrame is just more control and doesn’t kill people which can get annoying in some situations.

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If you don’t know how. to script, put your spawns in the lobby.