How should I spend my development budget?

Hello Reader!

Im making a game and I need some feedback.

I need to know how to spend my budget. I gather $800 CAD per year off holidays, chores, allowance etc. If I wanted to make a high quality game should I A. Wait and save up over 2k Dollars, B. Spend a certian amount per year and save the rest (50%) C. Spend my entire budget per year.

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800$ ~ 220k robux which is more then enough to make a decent game if you have experience If this is your first successful game I recommend paying pure equity and maybe the odd CAD for things like animation commissions. This is because without experience of game design / money distribution you are very likely to run into roadblocks / have a dysfunctional end product.

I personally woudln’t recommened spending a ton of money on developers if you yourself don’t develop. Main reason being is you may not know how much to give developers. Some people may try to scam you. In terms of hiring developers, I always do it as someone to work alongside on a game, but ultimately, I’m in control of what goes on, what get’s done, and since I’m heavily involved with the game (coding and UI) I can make judgements on how much to charge, whose wasting my time, etc.