How should I start building a hotel?

I need to build a new hotel for a project i’m doing, does anyone know how I should start building it and make it look nice?


I also need to know what kind of design people would want to play

Cartoony? Realistic? or something else.

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Whatever you want! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Realistic hotels are better for organised groups whereas low poly is more for games and not as the main source of attention.

First thing first, you’d need the checkmein system which costs to use. It’s imperative you use that when starting a hotel.

Next you’ll need to work on the downstairs and lobby. Have a look at some hotels on google there are many.

Personally I’m fond of European hotels that are classical and 60s style with a modern interior.

I strongly dislike American hotels as to me they don’t represent the classy look Europe does. But hey; whatever floats your boat.

Good luck man.


Use your imagination. That’s all you need!


Whenever making buildings it’s a good idea to grab some reference pictures to give you a starting point, especially since professional designers constructed them. Depending on the specifications of your project, a good starting point would be a modest hotel that could be easily replicated on Roblox.

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Now this is just my personal opinion, as I’ve seen both realistic and cartoony, I’d recommend perhaps looking for an audience you want to cater to, be it kids, or older members in the community, and then make a descision based off that, as some people enjoy brighter colors and cartoony as a different change of pace compared to some groups that attempt ultimate realism, which can take away some of the fun, and it can also work in reverse
TL;DR : Try to find an audience or make a community and ask their opinion on it

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I’m actually working on a hotel right now!
There is a huge amount of work you have to do to make a good looking hotel, but I can break it down for you.

Whenever I build things, I try to find a building style that will match the liking of the audience, like the other posts mentioned. I usually ask for community feedback to find a building style.

After I have settled for a building style, I head to a photoshop software like and draw out blueprints/layout plans. This is completely optional and most of the time I skip this step, but if you’re working on a big project, I recommend doing this.

Once the blueprints/layout plans are drawn, I store them somewhere safe and open roblox studio. I always start with finding a nice color scheme, then I start making the assets and models. This includes, but is not limited to, making the beds, trees, plants, computers, etc. I’m both a modeler and a builder so I don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring a modeler, but if you are unable to model the trees and such by yourself, then you should watch this “Make trees in 5 minutes” video.

After the models are done, I begin making the structure of the building. This includes the walls, shape, etc.

Next, I begin constructing the actual hotel from bottom up. This means I make the lobby first, then the second floor, then the third, and so on. Unless you plan on making every single room different, I recommend making a room model before you start this step.

Once the hotel is complete, I begin making the terrain. If you’re looking for low poly terrain, you can watch this “Make low poly terrain in 5 minutes” video, but if you’re looking for realistic terrain, you can watch a tutorial on how to use roblox’s built in terrain tool.

Finally, I look for any bugs, defects, and such in my build. Whenever I make a hotel, I always make extra gamepass areas to earn extra revenue, but that’s completely up to you.

Good luck and have fun with your project!


Here it is in steps.

  • Draw and sketch it out
  • Draw and sketch the front, back, etc.
  • Draw out some rooms
  • Build using simple shapes
  • Touch up the building
  • Add decor
  • Fix it up
  • Finish it
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Thank you for your help, I’ll be sure to use these tips for my hotel game.

I would start with having a simple layout or sketch already made and planned out to help you figure out where should you start first. Start with the foundation and then begin to include little general ideas within it.

Consider to look up real life buildings to get a better understanding on how they’re properly structured, you could always experiment with different selections see what is best to you. If you don’t have a sketch already planned out you could use real life blueprints; it’s really up to you and the specific style you want to incorporate inside your hotel.

Always gather a few reference images and start playing around with different ideas. Images do come in handy when getting those important details, I would encourage you to think of a layout and start planning out ideas and options such as the material, building shape, and the style you would like to be added to your hotel.