How should I teach players to play my game?

Hello. I’m working on a game. A complicated game with tons of features and a lot of stuff to do. It’s not really casual and it requires good teamwork. One player doesn’t do his thing - boom, nobody gets paid.
The question is: what is the best way to teach players to play my game?


Make a tutorial for starting players. If it’s necessary, add special NPCs that you can manipulate yourself for it.


Hmm. Good idea.
By the way, here’s the game:
There are lots of unreleased features, just roam around to see if they would fit.

That’s a very damn good idea. Thank you!

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I would be cautious and plan the tutorial out because if you just have walls of text, I personally would just skip it. I would recommend having text but also have the player do the actions you want them to learn through like a tutorial stage. I personally learn by doing things hands on than having to read how to do something. Make it interactive and fun and make sure they learn from it. I would have players test out the tutorial and get honest feedback about it.


I’m going to play against the suggestion of a tutorial since, personally, I feel they are inacfective and boring with 90% of players other spamming through them or simply getting bored in the obviously limited gameplay.

So what do you do?

Some form of bias gameplay is what I love to see most, where without knowing it you influence / remove other options so the player follows a tutorial without knowing it.

Also if your game is simple enough Note if you NEED a COMPLEX tutorial for players to know how the game works I would just drop the idea. Anyway, if ur game is simple enough players should pick it up naturally. Just don’t mess around with fundamentals and call currency stuff like gold or dollars to avoid confusion.

If your game hits off? Great! From shadow-spectating on my games, you see a lot of players teaching others how to play, doing your job for you!


I’m going to add “Need help?” column with a dialog in each zone of my map. Is that a good idea?