How should I use the asset marketplace?

Not sure which category to put this in, so I’m putting it here. Also, if this was asked before, please tell me.

I made a low poly building which I want to sell on the asset marketplace, but I find it a little bit confusing.
Here are a few questions about how I should go about selling my assets via discord, after I find my client:

  1. After I accept the request from my client, what is the best way to greet them?

  2. When people say “pay with group funds”, does that mean I join the buyer’s group, and they pay me?

  3. After I receive my payment, (or before, idk) do I attach/upload a Roblox Studio file, or do I enable team create?

Thank you for reading, please answer in the best way possible.
Have a nice day!

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  1. Im not sure. Lol
  2. Yeah, you gotta join their groups.
  3. I think a file is better.
    Cya :slight_smile:

I recommend you greet them with just a hello and thank them for their interest.
You are right in what people mean by paying with group funds.
After you receive your payment you should send a roblox studio model file.
With your model selected, right click on it and click save to file.


Thanks! I’ll be sure to do that when I sell my assets.

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