How should one create fighting games?


So basically I am creating a fighting game right now! And I want to collect data so I know some things as I make it so here we go!

How should the graphics be?

  • Realistic
  • Semi Realistic
  • Cartoonish
  • Anime(How ever anime is themed lol)

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How should the world Layout be?

World Layout
  • Open world 3D
  • 3D
  • 2D(Like how smash bros is)
  • 2.5D(Look it up for more context)

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How should they game loop be?

Game Loop
  • Fast Paced
  • Slow Paced

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How should I go about monetization for the game?

  • Lootboxes
  • Buy ingame money
  • Gamepass perks
  • Battlepass
  • V.I.P. Gamepass/or V.I.P. Subscription

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Have any other Ideas?

Feel free to reply with your ideas!

And remember when voting and replying, Any idea is a good idea.


~ @FroDev1002 ~


whatever u do dont make slow paced. I played a slow paced fighting game some time ago and it was so boring because the combos take years to end and just getting to the opponent thats like 30 studs away (btw the game has flying thats meant to be a fast way of transportation) takes forever

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Thank you for your feedback!
I didnt even think about transportation! No slow flying though lol :sweat_smile:

Also how should one make Hitboxes?

I’m also attempting to create a fighting game, so I will join you momentarily in this data-acquisition adventure.

Interesting results so far.
Still very undeciding on the World Layout.

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some of these questions don’t really have a right answer but I would mostly say monetization and I also agree with this

It mostly just depends on the meachanics

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