How should we improve our game's first impressions?

Our game has various problems with first impressions. We think that if we improved them, we’d get many more concurrent players.

We have tried changing the GUI, making the golem slower, adding more variation(gamemodes + events), yet it doesn’t seem to be enough. What do we do?

(Note, we are an indie group relatively new to game design on roblox, and this game is our first “finished” game.)

The game: Maze Craze


~ NinjaFactory


After seeing your game for the first time, i can notice that the menu screen is kindoff empty

without much stuffs.

The first Tutorial is a bit blant, and you could just cheat, the tutorial is the first impression of the game.
I think people don’t want to play this game afterword because they expect the next lv to be this blant, and you could cheat.

You weren’t fully loaded. Maybe that’s why? Should we fill up more space anyways, because, even after that, there isn’t much space taken up.

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How are you able to cheat? Where?

You see, you could zoom your camera out.
and see the entire map.

Oop, guess we forgot to remove that. You can’t do that in the main game.

You guys should still remove it because it would make people think it’s boring because you can cheat lol.

Of course we are lol. We’re not just going to leave it there.

Are there any other first impression-related things that put up a red flag?

Hmn, i think it’s that it’s a bit too bright and there are like 10 milions gui.

But we can’t simplify the gui any further without straight up removing some features. What should we do?

You guys should make it in a menu gui, like when you open the menu gui it will have all of the stuffs.

And the golem is stuck.
I think that’s maybe a glitch.

OH. That’s actually really smart. Thanks a lot!

The golem does not get stuck very often. It’s pretty rare for it to get stuck.

Guess im lucky, but you guys should still make that rare chance to 0.

We’ve done almost everything we can to. There’s a bit more we can do but then that’s it. We can do that little bit though, but there are some places the golem just can’t get to no matter what we do.

Aight hope that your game will be succesful!

Thank you for all of your help!