How strict is Undertale in terms of copyright?

Alright, so Undertale, yeah that game with good music. How strict is it with copyright?

I’ve seen games that uses sans as a character and megalovania as a song like A Universal Time (a popular jojo game) but it isn’t getting copyrighted. So is it safe to use Undertale stuff like sans or not? I’m sort of considering putting sans in my game.


It’s never a good idea to use assets from other games as there’s a decent chance you’ll get a DMCA request.


You could do your own research or touch down with the developers on this topic. :slight_smile:

Other games don’t get immediately taken down just for the inclusion of copyrighted material, but you should not make the assumption that it’s allowed just because that’s the case. Roblox doesn’t police content; they need a reason to issue a takedown. If that reason isn’t provided, they will (like anyone should) assume positively that you’ve sorted out permission for the use of content that you do not own.

Just in general, the same question gets asked every day with a different point of interest, so the answer is the same for anything. If it’s not explicitly public domain or open source, then get permission. If you don’t have permission, the highly likely answer is that you can’t use it.