How Team create without testers having access to edit your game?

Hello! I was wondering how to team create without testers having access to edit your game. I know you can publish the game to roblox and players can test, but what if regular players are playing my game. I don’t want to shut down all the servers for a bit to complete all testing. When you team create you are giving them permission to edit in your game which is something that I have a problem with. I am not sure if this is a roblox update that hasn’t been developed yet or I am missing something. I am wondering how to do a front page game test without disturbing the player’s gameplay. If anyone can help I will really appreciate it. Thanks!

Simply give your testers the ability to Play the game?

When I do they can play the game directly through the official page of the game. I want them to play privately so I don’t have to publish a update that is full with bugs.

How about publishing a separate game just for bug testing? So you have the main game for all Players and the testing game just for testers.

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