How this hyperlink made?

Hello guys. Today, I found that roblox did new starting template - Modern city. One thing that was interesting for me is this billboard:

When you click on it, you will be send to documentation page.
I’m very interested, how roblox implemented this, because I can’t find any scripts related to anything in this board, and it works even in studio?


Most likely, It is a thing that only Roblox can do, you wouldn’t want someone clicking on some text and getting sent to an inappropriate site would you?

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Well, let’s find how. First, the Text is done through Rich format: underline and coloring. Next, try searching for any scripts that referemce that Billboard. I’m curious aswell, so tell us what you discover!


It’s probably hardcoded C++ that you can’t get to. I’ll see if I can find out though.

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It appears that the button is in StarterGui:

If you delete the button and replace it with a new one, the link doesn’t work anymore. Changing the name of the button lets the link still work. In the button, there is this attribute:


Putting the attribute in a different button causes issues:

The attribute is removed when you unselect the instance.

The attribute is in the XML of the button:

So, let me try to make another button and force this attribute in there.

However, it is only initialized when the Gui starts in StarterGui. In this video, it was directly in the part on startup:

It can be moved somewhere else after startup.

The best part is, you can make this in your own games. As long as there is a ScreenGui (named anything) with a TextButton with the attribute TutorialLink set to a docs page such as docs/tutorials/3D-art/assembling-modular-environments, it would work. It only works in studio, and not during runtime! (edit: yes it does)

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That is very impressive, thanks for sharing! Tomorrow I will try this myself, so if I have any questions I suppose I could DM you?

Is it possible to change the link here, or no?

You can change the link, but it’s made in a way to where you can only set it to documentation pages.

What type of documentaion pages, like roblox or just documentation pages.