How to abbriviate values to smaller numbers

For example if I’d like to abbriviate gravity to a smaller number as the default roblox value for default gravity is 196.2 and if i would like to be able to change it in a gui for example inputting 1 for 196.2
and if I went lower then 1 it would make less gravity which would result in floating

could you just multiply the text input value by 196.2?

input 1 → 1 * 196.2 = 196.2
input 0.75 → 0.75 * 196.2 = 147.2

it’d be like entering a % modifier

This is just normalization with a factor, relatively simple.

Here’s some code to assist you.

local function Factor(Base, Factor)
  return {
    Value = Base * Factor,
    UnitValue = Factor

-- Example usage:
local BaseGravity = 196.2
local Factor = 1

local MyTextbox = ...

  local Update = tonumber(MyTextbox.Text)
  if Update then
    Factor = Update
    workspace.Gravity = Factor(BaseGravity, Factor).Value

Not the prettiest of explanations or code examples but you should get the idea.