How to access a module script from games not owned by me or my groups, but still keep the code and assets private

So I have a module script that contains certain assets for a public model that I would like to keep private from the people using the public model. I know that private modules have been removed, so I wanted to ask if there is another way to keep those assets private from the public. By private I mean that we don’t want people to edit or re-share our code when they insert the model into our games, but we want to code to work when they play the game in which the model is.
Thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

Upload the module to use it as a source. Then take the ID of the uploaded module and put that into the module in the model. This means that the ID can be read but the code itself cannot.

I will however tell you to be careful with whatever code you are using as people have tried this kind of method to steal models and lag your studio / game. Make sure you are clear as to what it does and be aware that people will be less likely to use your model for that reason.

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Wow, thank you for your reply. So I suppose that this same method would apply if I have the module as a parent, and I have other scripts as its child and other UI assets as well?

Re: Your edit, we are using this model as a closed-source service, something similar to CheckMeIn, but for a completely different industry. But as our customers are paying for only the use of it, we would not want someone to leak the code.

Sadly I don’t know if you can hide the source Id. But one thing you can do is check to see if they own the module before allowing it to run.

So sticking with the same thing, upload and use the source code, then perhaps a list or service within the module can check if they are allowed to use it, if they arent you can make it print where they can buy it and make the module effectively unusable without purchase.

Oh, I see, that is a great solution I haven’t thought about. Thank you for your guidance :slight_smile: