How to Access Humanoid Description With Proxy?

I am working on a system that uses Humanoid Description System. I am making some sort of player timer that frequently changes player to the user ids in a table. The problem is I keep getting this error.

Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId() failed because HTTP 429

So I know i’m being rate limited and wanted to use the HttpQueue Module from this post:

I just don’t know how I would use httpqueue module as I can’t access Humanoid Description through a url.

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The issue with that is because you can only have so many requests to the ROBLOX API before it begins to think you are spamming it, then denies requests.

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Ah I see Thanks, so there isn’t really anyway due to the number of requests

You can add task.wait() so it lessen the requests.

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I will give this a go thanks ,would I need a cooldown also or no?

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The ‘HttpService’ grants five hundred requests to each of an experience’s servers per minute.

  • For each Roblox game server, there is a limit of 500 HTTP requests per minute. Exceeding this may cause request-sending functions to stall entirely for about 30 seconds.
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Thank you for the detailed limit, I will use this as a guide