How to access localhost using HttpService in roblox studio?

Hello there. I’ve been wanting to access localhost using HttpService in roblox studio but when I do, I get this weird error… Trust check failed

Heres the code I’m using, It’s fairly simple…

local httpsService = game:GetService("HttpService")
local data = httpsService:GetAsync("")

What exactly am I doing wrong here?

Also, I’m fairily new to HTTPService so I might look like an idiot…

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What?? That still doesn’t work.

It works for me. Perhaps Roblox only accepts localhost and not (even though they are the same).


Well… I didn’t have that python script running (I’m assuming it’s supposed to listen for when a request is sent to localhost), I wasn’t using RequestAsync, I wasn’t using any of those extra arguments, and I wasn’t using https://localhost:8000, so that’s probably why my code didn’t work.

I’m going to accept the solution for now, and when I’m done with school, I’ll check it out, and see if it works.


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Yes, it’s just a web server.
https:// might fail because localhost is not signed (unless you did it yourself).
The port :8000 shouldn’t matter.

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