How to achieve neon gradient ring effect like this?

I’m making an RPG style game and when players use an AOE ability It shows you where you’re placing it. Right now I’m just using a cylinder part to show it but I want to use something like this. I don’t really know how to achieve this I was thinking it might be an empty cylinder mesh with a texture but I’m not certain. Any help is appreciated!


It’s two beams. Create attachments at opposite points with two beams between them, have one at a positive arc and one at a negative arc to create the circle. With beams you can mess with things like textures and color/transparency gradients


It’s a mesh part with vertex alpha, set to neon.

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While possible I wouldn’t recommend implementing this with meshes, beams would support more customization and wouldn’t require the client to download mesh data. Here’s something I had put together for an RPG, the effect is identical to OP’s statement and allowed some neat animation effects

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