How to activate the mode: Shadow Map in Roblox Player (Robloxian Mini City 2)

Robloxians, The new lighting in Roblox the famous at the moment: ShadowMap. It has configurations in the: RobloxPlayer, To activate it we need a few things to have the game more activable, realistic and good. We will start with the methods to activate the: ShadowMap, Well Here I leave some screenshots how to activate the ShadowMap:

1.This is a picture of what it will be after activating the mode: ShadowMap in RobloxPlayer

2.To activate the mode: ShadowMap in RobloxPlayer, you need to upload the Graphics Mode in RobloxPlayer to see better the improvement of the mode: ShadowMap
Questions that you are asking yourself about this topic of the mode: ShadowMap.Pues Let’s start:

¿Why did you make a DevForum theme about this?
R: Well, I made this issue because the community does not know how to do this type of tutorial to activate the ShadowMap mode. Recently my visitors have put Deslike as for supposedly “ShadowMapen does not work your swindler game, stop fooling your visitors” , Keep in mind that this system is not 100% done in Roblox and may have errors.

¿Because it is written in one of the tutorial images of this subject in Spanish?
R: Keep in mind that if you go to my roblox profile in my description, I talk about being from the roblox Hispanic community, but the topics I speak more in English, I leave you with the link of my profile to check: Rene - Roblox

¿Because you do this, to help people or to get the excuse of the “ShadowMap Scam in Robloxian Mini City2”?
R: It’s for the help because many players have visited games with the new technology ShadowMap, in roblox

Well if you have another question do not hesitate to send me a message through my profile of roblox, or through a model of roblox, or discord, well I hope you like them there

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