How to add a historical vibe to this Old Town Hall?

Hi. I just remade the Old Town Hall of Vlijmen, the Netherlands from real life. I’m proud of the result but I miss a historical vibe. It already looks pretty historical like it is in real, I think it can be better, but I don’t know at first sight how.

So here is my question: how could I add a (better) historical vibe to my creation? Are there any changes I could do?

Thanks in advance.


Historical buildings usually have some sort of plaque on them signifying that it is in fact historic. Usually with dates and information of the building. Small details like that would go along way. Maybe some “grunge” texture on it to look a little more dated aswell.

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First of all, your build looks particularly good. Well done on its construction. You have made a great effort on that and I congratulate you. The building is very well constructed.

You asked about hints for making the building look older and more historical. Have you thought about applying textures to each face of the building (and to the accessories too.) I also build historical constructions and I find that a good quality texture applied to a face makes a big difference.

Thanks for the suggestion to add a “grunge” texture. I added it on and I agree that it looks more “historical” now.

Thanks for that.

Thank you for the compliments, I appreciate that.

Do you have any suggestions of what kind of textures?
Thanks in advance.

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In answer to your above question, Bobby: My friend and I are also currently building a historical build. My friend (cyberpiper) goes out into the city of Luxembourg and takes high resolution photographs of the different materials used in the buildings. These are then used in our builds. If you are unable to take photographs of the building in real life, you could always Google for high quality seamless free textures for the walls and some (slightly) dirty glass textures for the windows.

Good luck to you and please do send me a link of your completed build. :slight_smile:

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Ah okay. I will search for textures, as I live in a city with not that much historical buildings, thanks for the feedback.

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This looks great! Perhaps you could add some Netherlands flags just to emphasize the building’s corresponding Dutch culture.

Thanks for the idea, I guess that’s a good idea, I could also add the flag of Heusden (municipality where Vlijmen is in) as well.

This is an amazing build first off!

But if you want to make it look more “historic” maybe you can try using a more washed-out version of the colors you’re already using along with some sort of plaque (someone listed above) to show it’s historic.

Thank you!

The washed-out version of the colors is a great idea, I will take it with me. I did add a plaque, thanks for the suggestion.


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