How to add a part to an aniamtion

Hey, so this might not be the right section, if not please correct me.

Anyways, so I am working on an animation, and I’ve seen people do this, but is there anyway to actually add a part to play on an animation?

Whenever I normally do it, the part stays in the same spot, not doing anything. Please help!


Did you use a Motor6D or weld?

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You can look at this thread:

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What do you mean?

I just used the Animation Editor provided by roblox to actually animate the render.

Thanks! I’ll take a look at it.

Did you use a Motor6D or a weld to attach it to the hand?

Oh, I didn’t even weld or attach it to anything.

Well that’s problem number 1. You should make it with Motor6D if you want to animate it like a limb.

Yes! Follow every step I mentioned, I’m sure you can achieve what you’re desired for.

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