How to add a role that allows to play group games

how can I let ‘TESTER’ role play games that are not published yet?

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You can have a script that immediately kicks any players that don’t have the tester role.
Check a player’s rank in-game with the GetRankInGroup method.
(Although you would have to publish the game for this method)

is there any way to do this not via script?

using group roles or game access settings

Unfortunately, the game access settings don’t have an option for specific roles, only “Group members”. You could make a group for your testers and give anyone in the group access.
Other than that, I can’t think of a way. I looked for one myself some time ago, and ended up using a script to kick any non-tester visitors.

A tip: If you don’t want the game to be visible on your group while in the testing phase, publish it under your profile until it’s tested and later republish it as a new place under the group.

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