How to add a space in a UIListLayout

Hi! My name is Chris and I’ve been working on a cashier/chef system like Bakiez. I was working on a UIListLayout trying to get it so I could have a space between the top of the frame it was in, and the things I want inside the frame. Sadly, I came to no solution. If any of you have any solutions, that would be amazing!

You could just add another frame inside the scrolling frame and make it smaller to something like 0.9, 0, 0.9, 0 and copy the contents of that frame and the UIListLayout into there.

Edit: Forgot to mention that you should also mess with the Horizontal and Vertical Alignment properties of the UIListLayout if you’re going to do this.


The trick is to not have padding in the UIListLayout, but rather use an additional frame to achieve the same effect.

The Item1, Item2, Item3 all have 0 pixels in Y padding, but the Frame inside each one is 5 pixels between the edges of its parent.

If you set the BackgroundTransparency to 1, it allows for padding.

Likewise, you can design it to just have pixels below each frame for some uniformity.