How to Add a Texture to a Pre-Mesh Model

I have recently building a dragon model. I plan to make this into a mesh, and I know how, but my problem is, how do I save the colors so I can add them to the mesh as a texture. Thanks!


I am pretty sure if you are asking how to save colors go to properties and color of the model then click save at the bottom

No. I want to turn the model into a mesh and the colors into a textureId. Thanks!

You have to draw/paint a new texture. There’s nothing more to it. Open up something like and get at it.

But I already have a colored dragon. I just need to change it into a textureId because I’m changing my dragon model into a mesh. Thanks for the assistance though! I really appreciate it.

if you export it from blender and import it into studio, the colours and textures should be saved

It’s already on Studio. That’s where I built it. I appreciate the help though!

so you’ve made a model with texture, and want to open it in blender?
in that case, export your selection and open it up in blender, when you open it up in blender, you gotta change your viewport shading to material preview to see the colour
when you export a part in studio that has a texture, the texture should also be exported as a png

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I don’t think it’s possible to take a Studio built model made of many parts and texture it with scales, eyeballs, mouth/teeth, etc. You can color the individual parts and export the entire thing as an Obj file and the colors will be there. Problem being you’ll end up with an Obj that is all those individual Studio parts in 1 group, not an actual single model. To make a detailed skin, like 1 used in other games, you will need to be very comfortable with a Blender type program that can help you merge all parts and do this.

I want to make my FULLY COLORED DRAGON MODEL into a MESH. Will those COLORS SAVE IN THE MESH or will I have to make a TEXTURE for it? Read the description, please!

I don’t think you understand what a mesh is. a mesh will only hold the shape of a model. however you can apply textures on it. If you export a part with a texture on it from studio, the texture will also be exported with the mesh

Coloring the model before making it into a mesh won’t do anything once it becomes a mesh. The outcome would just be the whole thing in one plain color. If you want to have different colors for each body part, you’ll have to make a texture for it.

I know, but how would I make the colors I already have on the dragon save as a texture? So basically, how would I unwrap the dragon colors so they’re on a 2d surface?

if it only has a colour you can’t unwrap it. Textures are the ones that you can unwrap. you can edit the solid colour in blender though. or you can apply a solid colour texture in blender using a image, it will then can be unwrapped

you will have to UV unwrapp the model into blender and then apply the textures to it. It might sound a bit hard but its not that complicated. You can find a tutorial about uv wrapping easily on YouTube. ( you might also need to find an/ make an image with colors you need ).

adding textures is complicated, especially if you want to add detail in the texture, you will need to add seams to the mesh, make a texture, paint the texture, and sometimes more that i cant think of. just search it on youtube.

Ok. How would I easily paint the texture and know which part of the mesh I am actually painting. Again, thanks for all the help!

If you “Export Selection” roblox will save an OBJ (your dragon) and a MTL (the color) just import the dragon into blender and make sure the MTL witch should be an image in blender is applied (check in the “Shading” tab. Then export it all back out of blender as an FBX file and presto.


So is the MTL file the texture?