How to add a UIGradient into a gui Border?

How do you add a UIGradient into a GUI Border? I’ve seen many games that have buttons with a rainbow border but i have no idea how. I tried putting UIGradient into the UIStroke (which is the one that makes the gui border) but it didn’t work.

Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Put UiStroke and then Put the UIGradient inside of it.

Oh and set the BorderTransparncy (i don’t remember the name of the property) of the guiObject properties to 1

Can you not read? I tried it but it didn’t work

My bad, hmm I don’t think I can’t really help because that’s the only way you can do Border UI gradient. (Maybe give another try?)

For anyone that migrated here and was not able to figure it out, when you place your UIStroke, make sure the Color is set to [255,255,255] or the UIGradient will not show.

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2 years ago and still helped me in 2024. Thanks!!