How to add a window onto a Cylinder?


I am building a hotel for my game, and one of the main features are windows implemented onto a cylinder.

I am trying to making windows onto the side of the cylinder but that doesn’t work. Note: It’s the curved sides that need the window.

Above is the hotel I am trying to create. The windows go on the cylinder in the middle.

I’ve searched the developer hub and wiki, but nothing has ever talked about putting parts on a cylinder.

Are there any solutions to this? If there isn’t maybe this will help to a future update or plugin that will solve this issue.

I can’t use blender to make windows or anything.


I think I understand you. You might want to consider making windows out of a cylinder and then negating it from another smaller cylinder that you proportionately scaled down.

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Is this what you mean?

I am a little bit confused.


No, I mean putting the negated cylinder inside the other cylinder.

If you do it correclty, you should end up getting something like this if you change the material and transparency:

Note: You must have the cylinder go all the way through the part for negation to be correct.

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Hmm I think this will work, but I am looking for something more like this:

Though I think it will work because I managed to do this:


Also, you are going to need to negate a portion of that cylinder where it intersects with the main building unless this is an exterior build only.

this suggestion is only for if you want interior as well

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I think rather than cylinders your going to want to use arcs.
For that image your showing, it looks more like arcs.

Here is a great plug-in to help you and anyone else :slight_smile:

But yeah, goodluck in this build.


Using Archi will be a lot easier than negating and everything with Unions there’s always a chance that the union will fail at some point and disappear. You’ll have more parts but at least you’ll be able to control the arch and building the window will be a lot easier for you later on.