How to add effects to label?

I need to make text in label as this, is it possible?

Yes it is possible, there are different fonts that let to you that. Such as, Gotham, GothamBlack etc. Or, you can set the text stroke transparency to 0.


And can i set stroke size???

I don’t think you can, but you can make it super bold by changing the font size. For example, you can use GothamBlack and text stroke for the maximum boldness.

I need to lower stroke size xC

Ahh, then you just change the font size instead. So, which font are you using?

P.S. Another way I think you can “lower” the stroke size is setting the transparency of the stroke. This can create an illusion that it is thinner.

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You could also make your own text with your own font and import it in an image label. But you won’t be able to change it within the image label.

I need to load it from varible xC

You can load image labels from scripts.

Font will only change the overall font of the label. If you’re looking to add effects to text (such as bolding or recolouring some words), you will require multiple labels chained together. An easy way to accomplish this can be through a module of some kind, such as Defaultio’s Rich Text Markup.

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