How to add flawless hit detection for giant moves

In my game I’m having trouble with effects delaying. Basically I have a touched event, and when it’s touched the bomb’s supposed to explode exactly when it was touched. The issue is that touched just doesn’t want to fire when it’s supposed to, it delays too often.

And I’ve tried other types of ways like GetPartBoundsInBox, which is really nice for small projectiles however will detect the air half the time for collisions since all objects on roblox have a box type of hitbox.

use the Spatial Query API, although I am not sure about it 100% flawless 100% of the time, it is the best+newest option out there as of now.

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I’ve tried this, but the hitbox detection isn’t consistent. It will detect the air sometimes, and explode to nothing.

you could add a if Humanoid then to check if there is a humanoid and if there is explode and damage otherwise not.

Yeah I could do that, but then the projectile would go through walls which is something I don’t think players would like.

you could also add detection for walls couldn’t you? (or more specifically base parts)

In general, it’s pretty hard to get accurate hit results that are consistent with both the player and the server. You could use raycasting to shoot multiple rays and see if those rays hit anything. This can be pretty consistent but you’ll still have the issue of latency which can be fixed by registering the players ping against a sizable outer range that can see if their body was within that part, all though if this is executed poorly it could lead to hitbox expanders

Why not GetPartsInPart?

This kind of sounds like an issue with your script and how you are using the .Touched event unless there’s some Roblox engine issue. Usually, the .Touched Event shouldn’t have such an immense delay to fire to be severely noticeable.