How to add Images to Proximity Prompts?

I’m currently developing a game and i needed a new script for my crate unboxing system and recently, i found a game using the proximity prompt service by Roblox but with added images (ima put an image right here)

I know we can create customs designs for our Promity Prompts but right here, i’m 99% sure this guy is using the basic Proximity Prompt since there is the same animations with holding the button. (And cancelling)

So my question is: How we can use the normal Proximity Prompt (without creating a custom UI) and add images like that on the “Element Part” of the Prompt.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Most likely you will need to make an custom Proximity Prompt

This is a custom prompt thats probably based on the original source code. The source code for the original ProximityPrompt can be found here

You may need to dig around the repo to find all the files it requires

It doesn’t use Roact so it should be fairly easy to modify


Alright thanks i’ll try that! :slightly_smiling_face:

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