How to add new fonts to the script editor!

Hello there! I am someone who likes to pointlessly try to make my code look nicer past the point of just readability. While doing this I would experiment with fonts and because of the limited sets of fonts, I tried adding new ones. I looked around on the dev forum to look for a tutorial on how to do it, and found none, So I decided to make my own tutorial.

Step One:
We first need a font to actually add to Roblox studio, I suggest just doing some research on this and find a font that you think looks nice. The font I will be using here is source code pro: source-code-pro/SourceCodePro-Light.ttf at release · adobe-fonts/source-code-pro · GitHub Many fonts are downloaded on GitHub and have a set of instructions on how to download it.

For us you are going to simply press Download and wait for it to finish downloading.

Step Two:

Once its done downloading, go ahead and right click then press Show in folder click on the installed font, and press Install, then go ahead and close the font.

Step Three:

Go to the solution given on the bottom for a shortcut.

Right click on the Roblox studio icon then press Open file location

This should pop up:

Your going to want to scroll up and click the content folder then click the fonts folder

go back to the font you installed in step two, in files then simply drag the font file to the Roblox fonts file. You can go ahead and close the file explorer.

Step Four

Time to open up Roblox studio, once open all you need to do is open up settings, click Script editor then Font

Look for the font you added, here it is :

Script - Roblox Studio 4_13_2021 11_04_06 AM

ignore the the other fonts, I installed those earlier.

Bam you now have custom fonts for your script editor! enjoy.

Note: This is my first topic, please keep that in mind. Any thing I could have done better with this tutorial? was it even necessary?


You don’t need to add the font to Studio.

Just install it in Windows.

Here is the same script using Seoge UI (Windows 10’s deafult font)