How To Add Rolling Friction With AngularVelocity

I’ve never seen anyone figure this out through the posts on scripting help and after some tinkering I figured it out.

Many tried this before and have run into this issue:

Then give up and use a solution something like the one in the post above: AssemblyAngularVelocity *= 0.98 a while true loop or a Heartbeat, or something to do with a VectorForce.

But that requires scripting :frowning:

Your original approach was actually correct, but you made one small mistake:

  1. Create a sphere with these two children:

  2. Set the properties of AngularVelocity like so:

Most make the mistake of setting RelativeTo to World. You’re actually supposed to set it to Attachment0 (or whatever the sphere’s attachment is).


Could you provide a video of what is being archived?

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Archived? Do you mean a video of the original issue?

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Pretty sure ‘archived’ is an autocorrect for achieved.

@Liam, basically it means a ball that looks like it is slowing down as it rolls because of ‘friction’ but is actually because the AngularVelocity has a small force trying to keep it’s rotation at 0,0,0.


Yea, was autocorrect and thanks!