How to add shadows by artificial lights?

Roblox Studio can add shadows by the sun, but if I make a lights by a object, the shadow won’t see.

Help me. Thanks.


The shadow for the bottom image is shown on the other side of the yellow part. The shadows are still there.

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Doing shadows manually is nothing but a pain,

If you want the ShadowMap while it’s night, you’ll have to set the lightings to Daytime while having a Night skybox you can find in the Free models.

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Shadows by an artificial light is coming in Phase 2.5! This will come in the first or second quarter of 2020, the engineers don’t know exactly when.


This maybe can help you: Click on this Link.


That’s coming in phase 3. Phase 2.5 is already out (I believe). Local lights will receive the FiB treatment in phase 3 which should come out this year.