How to add skeleton inside the Roblox character

How can I add a skeleton inside the Roblox character?
So I want to add a skeleton inside the Roblox character, that moves, jumps with the character.
How can I do that?
I tried welding a skeleton Torso to the HumanoidRootPart didn’t work.


If you’re trying to make what I think you’re trying to make, can’t you just weld skeleton parts (arm bones, leg bones, ribcage) to the body parts (arms, legs, torso respectively?)

Or do you mean a skeleton that would move with the player, but not directly attached (like a lagged/delayed version of the player?)

If it’s the first, I don’t see why welding parts to parts shouldn’t work (unless you’re positioning and/or welding it wrong)

The second one would probably need some scripting to do.


I will try that out, I was welding the skeleton parts to the skeleton torso then the skeleton torso to the player torso

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Nope didn’t work the skeleton changes position with the NPC but, it doesn’t move its arms, legs. Or when the NPC sits the skeleton just stansds still


It worked but its buggy, the NPC can’t walk anymore, it falls into the ground its weird

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Weld each skeleton part to normal body part
(Weld skeleton torso to normal torso, weld left skeleton arm to normal left arm)

You might need to rename the skeleton parts to something else, just in case it messes up the character controls or something

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Yes but when I weld them I cant use :SetNetwork()

I had to use Motor6d thing, when I used them it worked

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Good… But how can I use motor 6D?

I did it like this:
I put the motor6d inside the skeleton Bones
then as part0 I chose the bone
and as part1 I chose the Npcs part