How to add social functions to custom playerlist

Hi, I have custom player list, but what is big problem. Can I add social functions to it, like following?

This has been asked a lot of times. You search it up before you post.

Here are some examples:

So I guess the answer is no.

This isnt for what i am asking. I already have custom player list that will show players game profile, when i click on him, but i need to add social functions.
But thx for the answer

Do you mean checking if a player is following someone or if the player can follow someone using a custom player list.

If the player can call some social function like folowing someone, sending friend request,…

This is possible but I believe you can only prompt a friend request and a block request. I am fairly certain you can’t add social functions for following and unfollowing players. The way you can use the block/send friend request function is by using StarterGui:SetCore. You can find out more by looking at this article from the developers hub:

Code example
This is an exmaple of how you can send a friend request to the player. This is ran on the client and when a TextButton is pressed.

	game.StarterGui:SetCore("PromptSendFriendRequest", game.Players.Player1)
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And when i send friend request from both sides, it will be automaticly acepted?

Yes, it is just like sending a normal friend request but with the added difference that a confirmation window will appear before you send the friend request. If you are interested here is the release note for this feature:

Ok, and is there some way, how to costumize the window.

I am not one hundred percent certain but I don’t think you can customise the window.

Be certain since you are correct: there is no way to customise the Gui. The point of the APIs is to make a custom Gui in the first place, but rely on the CoreGui to do prompting and permission for locked-access functionality.

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