Is there a way to prompt the player to follow someone?

So I have been messing around with a custom Player List and added functionality for friending and blocking, which was pretty straight forward.

Though I can’t seem to find a way to prompt a player to follow someone or even get the players followers? Is there a way to do this?

It would make sense if it was here where the friend and block stuff is:
Roblox Developer Hub StarterGui/SetCore
Roblox Developer Hub StarterGui/GetCore
If it doesn’t exist an easy way I would appreciate if a solution for this were added.

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This has been considered by Roblox before I believe - there is no way to do this outside of CoreScript access for now.

How would Roblox go about making sure the click was genuine? Otherwise, a malicious script could just make everyone follow them when they join.

The player has to verify when sending friend requests with PromptSendFriendRequest. I do not see a reason not to add this with follow functionality too.

This would classify as a feature request, and you’d have to make a thread in #platform-feedback:engine-features

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