How to add terrain at an angle?

The terrain editor isn’t very precise imo. One of the gripes I have right now is that I’d like to build terrain at a specific angle. In my workspace, I have a part rotated 30 degrees and would like to add terrain along the part in order to make the slope for a mountain. The terrain needs to be at a consistent angle along the length of a part. This is very difficult to do in Studio since you need to tilt your camera to add terrain at an angle, and eyeballing the correct angle is almost impossible. Does anyone have any workarounds or solutions? Is there a way to set the angle of the terrain grid?

I’ve tried using the Part to Terrain plugin for this but it doesn’t work. Part to Terrain only works for level parts. Angled parts give you terraced terrain.

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Use Part to Terrain! This useful plugin turns any part you have, not a union or a mesh, into terrain. Just turn your part into the terrain you want!


It’s very useful, I use it myself. First, rotate the part into the position you want, and at the rotation you want. In this instance, 30 degrees. Then, select the terrain material you want in the GUI, and then click on the part you want to turn into terrain. Done! It’s that easy!

Hope this helped! :smiley:


I’ve tried it. However, when you place parts at an angle, the plugin makes the terrain terraced instead of smooth. I want smooth terrain at an angle, not step-like terrain.

You can smooth out the terraces using the Roblox terrain editor and it will become smooth. I’ve done it before, it took me a while, but it worked.

Apparently the terraces can be reduced by simply increasing the height of the part. :grin:

I just took this video. Simply use the add tool in the terrain editor, and add at an angle. Specifically, make sure the grid is at 45 degrees.

If you don’t want 45 degrees, then use Part to Terrain! I just tried it, and it works perfectly!

Perhaps your part is not thick enough? On very thin parts, it gets wacky.

Hope this helped! :slight_smile: