How to align material textures across multiple parts

I am trying to create a build for my procedurally generated game using the 2022 material textures but the edges where the parts meet are causing ugly seams in the textures, with the legacy textures it was still an issue, but it wasn’t nearly as noticeable due to how much noisier they were

The two solutions to this issue that I’ve found so far are:

  1. Uploading the Roblox textures and use Texture objects to manually go and align everything, which would take hours and frankly shouldn’t be necessary
  2. Use unions, which can be much slower to load (mainly I’ve seen them extremely rarely fail to load completely on a client), mess up the lighting and disrupt the collision.

Neither of these options are particularly favourable, and all of this to simply align some material textures, which shouldn’t be this hard to do

So I’m kind of stuck here, and this is why I’m reaching out to the community for help. Anyone have any ideas? Is there some feature I just don’t know about that will let me do this without much hassle?


I forgot what they are called, but you know those pieces of rubber or wood that covers the bottom corner of a wall? You could use or make a model like that to cover the inconsistency of the textures. Although i’m not entirely sure if that will be the best performance option, since you will probably need to duplicate or negate the models to match the length of your walls.


I think these are called baseboards, and they can probably be implemented very simply.

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They could be, but sadly that won’t really work in some situations (like the one pictured in the image), since those 3 parts aren’t at angles to each other