How to align parts with it's "inner planes"?

I’m trying to align a part to the plane shown below.

I only want to move it, and not change its size, which means ResizeAlign plugin doesn’t help here much.

I tried using Roblox’s Align Tool, but for some reason it only aligned the part with its outer plane, which is not what I want to achieve.

Is there any plugin, similar to @stravant’s ResizeAlign plugin, but one that moves instead of resizing?
It’d be super convenient if I I could just click on the planes of parts for it to align them together, but I couldn’t find a “MoveAlign” plugin.

What could I do to align parts like that?

I’d prefer to avoid disabling move increment and just “slamming” the part against a surface with the Move tool, as that isn’t quite precise. I also want to move the part in one axis, so I don’t want to just drag it onto a surface.

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I run onto this problem often. You simply enable collisions in the model tab, disable the increment, and drag the part.

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I’d prefer a more direct method, that actually targets the alignment plane, instead of relying on physics to find it blindly. (what I mean is that physics can sometimes “overshoot” the plane by a bit, ending in a part that’s actually intersecting, instead of it being aligned.

Have you tried every move increment you can think of? If you built on a grid, it should align.

I’m currently building in .01 increments (I need it that small as I’m building at 1 stud : 100 mm proportions), but that’s not the point.

I need a quicker method to speed up my workflow. Manually trying to align it with the move tool at such small increments can get quite tedious.

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Yeah, I’m beat here. Maybe @fourpapa1 can help you.

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You could take note of the size of the part in the properties menu before resizealligning, then after it’s in the new position, resize whatever the difference is to revert back to the former size.

So if the part is currently 3.5 studs long, and using resizeallign causes it to become 4.6 studs, you just need to resize it 1.1 studs shorter.


I didn’t exactly use your suggestion (since looking in properties to get something so easy right just isn’t what I’m after), but it gave me an idea that’s fast enough for me.
I basically duplicate the part that I want to align, drag it onto the plane I want to align to, and then just use ResizeAlign to align one plane to the target plane, and the back plane to the back plane of the dragged part:

This way I don’t have to actually move the original part out of the axes it’s positioned on, while getting the end result to be aligned with the surface I wanted it to be.

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