How to Align Text with TopBar Plus?

I know most people here know or have heard of TopBar+
I’m making a game that has this, but here’s where I’m stumped.

A game I know (The Strongest Battlegrounds) has effect in their dropdowns, and the way they make their dropdown buttons is something I’m trying to recreate. Go into the game and click on Characters, Cosmetics, and Settings. Their buttons’ text are aligned to the left.

Is that feature in TopBar? Do I have to modify the main script for it to work?

Bumping the thread because I don’t wanna make another thread :open_mouth:

It is actually. It’s in the documentation of TopbarPlus

The Strongest Battlegrounds:

My Game:

What I meant was the alignment of the texts themselves, not the buttons.

Try setting dropdownAlignment to “left”

icon:set("dropdownAlignment", "left")

Doesn’t seem to work, sorry for the late reply.

Seemed to have fixed it, it only changes its alignment if it has an image. Thanks for the help though!

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