How to alter the message that bubble chat displays?

So basically, I have been trying this for long now and I am not able to understand so I have a custom chat and I want bubble chat/dialogues to send the message that I enter and send in that custom chatbox, but am not able to understand how that can be done I have tried SetCore and SetCoreGuiEnabled, almost everything that related nothing seems to work out. First off I want to disable the chat ba that comes with the bubble chat above on top left, which could be done with it’s transparency set to 1 however, the message that I want the bubble chat to send is from my custom chatbox and not the roblox one. Please help out.

You can use this API for the Chat Bubbles:

game.Players.LocalPlayer:Chat("Hello, World!")

and also this API for sending messages:

ReplicatedStorage.DefaultChatSystemChatEvents.SayMessageRequest:FireServer("Hello, World!", "All")

Read more about it here:

Sources: SayMessageRequest remote fired messages don't fire player.Chatted