How to animate a part on A-Chassis

I was wondering how you would go about animating a part on an A-Chassis vehicle. I want to make it so when a button is pressed, a part on the vehicle raises (trying to make a functional forklift).
I tried manually adjusting the position of the part (body.back.Position =, body.back.Position.Y + 0.1, body.back.Position.Z) and that did not work.
I’ve considered using Tweens, but that would be very glitchy. I’m not super familiar with attachments either.
Any help is appreciated - also, let me know if this would be better fitted in building support.

EDIT: when I say “didn’t work”, there were no errors - it just didn’t raise.

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I would suggest get familiar with Constraints, using them in Servo type.
It’s easy to script their behaviour and can be perfectly attached to a moving vehicle.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, another way would be Constraints Default type and BodyMovers, like BodyGyro. Works too.

Awesome. Thank you, I’ll definitely look into this!

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