How to animate an NPC? (Idle, walk, run, jump)

Hi, my name is shieldmr3, I’m a scripter and a developer.

I’m having trouble with animating an NPC, which is the Idle, walk, run, jump animations.

I tried looking on YouTube for some videos, but they don’t give them (Idle, walk, run, jump) animations, they make them do an animation such as a dance.

So how can I do that?

I would really appreciate it if you can help!


Do you mean the same animations as your Roblox character uses? Are you asking where to find these animation IDs?

No, I mean that I want to animate them, then give them these animations to use them.

You want to create new animations? Like make your own walk?

Yes, and give them to the NPCs so they can use them and people can see them.

Then it is a bit more complicated but you can see these links

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I’ll look into them now, thank you!

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