How to animate characters using Motor6D manipulation or similar?

I want to create custom animations, with similar animation techniques to those you’d find in typical Script Executor scripts (example: JoJo stands). These types of animations are not Animation instances, which is why they work in script executor games.

The issue is that I don’t know how to actually make characters animated without the need of Animation instances, which if you didn’t know, only works in games owned by the animation publisher.

I have not been able to figure out any solutions so far. I also couldn’t find anything that would help, in both the dev forums and browsing.

The only thing I need is a basic snippet of code that does the job and/or some kind of tutorial so I can understand how to create animations without too many limitations, and especially without the issue of said animations not being viable outside of self-owned games.

Sorry if this problem has already been covered, because I haven’t been able to look everywhere for a similar or same topic that is relevant or solved.

Animating characters by manipulating Motor6Ds are known as CFrame or Procedural animations.

I’m pretty lazy to explaining how it works, so here’s a very good post about it: Procedural Animation: What it is and how to do it - #9 by trshmanx