How to animate custom made Rigs?

Hello there,

im freaking out right now because of this one small problem that makes me hate everything about it. Animation Rigs which dont look like typical Roblox Characters.

I made a character with a large Head, an Eye and a Pupil. Two large hands with fingers on it. I animated it so both hands move up then down then to the middle and then all over again. I uploaded it and after inserting it back to my Rig it just simply wont play anything anymore for no reason. I checked thousand of videos where they told me how to create a custom rig with the HumanoidRootPart, Torso and Head, Humanoid and Welding and Jointing (idk if that was the word) together. This Thing i created was fully functional. It had a head, a torso and the rest parts.

I mean yeah people can tell me now “If it only moves up and down, why dont you put a script that makes the parts move up and down like in some obbies?”

Because what if i want to animate something like a snake where the whole Body has a wiggle animation and a head that opens and closes its mouth. Thats impossible with just a few Obby animations.

If i try to animate the Head and then upload it, the animation simply just breaks and all the work is dead and the only thing i can do is either let it be a frozen thing no one likes or nothing at all.

I dont even know how to show it as a video or picture because its confusing. I tried it again with the head of the snake and now it only sees the “torso”. Oof if anyone can help idk respond to this mess of a problem. Im already tired of trying to make a good game

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Do you have a video? I have a guess on what’s wrong with it.