How to animate great in Studio?

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I always had trouble finding a good tutorial on how to animate great in Roblox Studio. And yes I don’t want to animate in Blender because it’s painful.
Now I want to animate some weapons for FE Gun Kit. I’m not searching for tutorial-like Arsenal or something like that, just a clear good tutorial on how to animate guns.

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Using the moon animator is good for that I think


Well, I tried it doesn’t work.

Maybe you scripted it incorrectly?

No, Moon Animator does not work for FE Gun Kit. I tried the default one and It’s working I just need a tutorial how to animate these viewmodel guns.
I’m planning to have a FPS game.

I’m not familiar with that kit so I can’t really help you much. Sorry.

it does
you have to use it correctly and it’s not a bug or some sort of unsupported

expect it doesn’t work in some custom viewmodel

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I know you said you didn’t want to use it but, Use blender, I know that it may seem very complex at the start. But some of blenders features are essential for fps animations, Like for example “Child of Constraints”

It only took me around 2 months to get the hang of the blender animation workflow.

  1. Don’t use a kit, you should program everything from scratch so you know how it works and can add features. If you need a tutorial, then here is a tutorial
  2. Animating the character is simple.
  3. To animate the viewmodel you need to rig it. Then you can select it in the default animation editor and animate it along with the character, and play the animation on the character.