How to animate models?

I think the title says it all, how would you animate a model?

Apologies, are you able to give me some more infomation?

How to animate?

Or do you know or you need more help with it?

  1. How would you make a model move by itself. It has to have x y and z axis also turning,

  2. Animating by moving by itself.

3.I know nothing on how to do it.

There is a lot of good examples of animation groups in this game:

As I could read you would like to create a model move by it self. I think the best way to do this is a doing it in a TweenService. Here is a roblox wiki: scroll down you will find out how to make it if you have some scripting experiences. I hope this helps.

this is not what im looking for, since all it does is move it but what i need is to move it on the xyz axis while also rotating and more stuff. I actually could do it with tweenservice but it would be hard

Animating something that moves and rotates on all three axes will not be an easy thing to do and will probably take upwards of hours to do especially if you are new to it.

Here are some tutorials I found useful while trying to do a couple animations myself:

However, just by looking at how the game works, I feel like TweenService or just doing a while loop is most likely how they got the heads to turn and Humanoid:MoveTo().


yeah well if you play the game a bit more you see animated helicopters and stuff

You can rig up a model if you want but if you are going for simple animations like a rotating helicopter blade or something like that I would just use setprimarypartcframe on the model which requires a primarypart which you can use to change the angle of say for helicopter blades (this is if you make the helicopter blades a model and have a primarypart).

i wouldn’t do this, using setprimarypartcframe can tear your models apart because of the floating point errors, use weld constraints instead.

Motor6D actually if you want to animate a model and not just move it around (tween). WeldConstraints are rigid joints between two parts, while Motor6D creates a weld between two parts with a motor. Internally, animations are reliant on Motor6D transformations to execute.

I made this guide about a month ago for this same subject… If you have any questions on it… Let me know.

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