Complete guide to rigging and animating models!


Hello, I am 12904, a builder/scripter/animator/group owner/100 other things…

I have been on roblox for almost 7 years and developing for the past 4. Just recently I’ve gotten into rigging and animating models… This was a very hard task for me since there was literally no good tutorials on it. So I decided I was going to learn to do it myself, so here I am.


To start, we are going to need 2 plug-ins.

Character Creator (VIEW SOLUTION)

Animation Editor
(NOTE: I am using the outdated version of this since I like it better, the updated version is there)

Once you have installed these, we can get started!

For this tutorial I am going to be using a swing-set made by @NANOPIXELLOVER that I’ve been needing to animate anyway. I figured this would be a good thing to do a tutorial on.

Step 1

So basically we need to prepare this for rigging… Rigging is the term we use for making the joints that the animation editor recognizes.

Any rig needs 2 main components. A Root-Part and a Humanoid. These are kinda the driving components of the rig.

For the Root-Part, I am just going to pick the part that everything else is based off of and copy it. Making sure to set its transparency to 1, Anchored to true, and CanCollide to false. All of the other parts need to be un-anchored as well. You also need to be naming the root-part “HumanoidRootPart”

For the humanoid, it is as simple as inserting a humanoid inside of the model.


Step 2

Next is, for me, the most tedious part. We need to start creating the Rig.

Head to your plug-in tab and click on the CharacterEditor. It should bring up a gui in the top left corner.

So lets click on the model and press Edit. It should pop up a new gui with 4 options. Bind, Edit, Release, and Finish.

For right now, lets click bind. Then it is just as simple as clicking on certain parts in order. If you are familiar with scripting, you will understand the Child-Parent model. It is the same thing for rigging, we need to select the parent then the child… So the “grand parent” of everything is the Root Part. We need to bind it with the next Generation which is the frame in this case. The first part you click will act as the parent, then the next as the Child.


Now we got a Motor6D joint inside of the RootPart that connects the frame to the Root. Now lets just continue this process. In this case, the next parent inline is the Ropes. We have 2 ropes so there will be 2 children. Lets click on the frame then a rope, then do the same for the other rope.


Lets finish up the rigging by joining the seats and we’re ready start editing. Same process as before, lets just select the parent, which is the rope in this case, then the child, which is the seat. Once we have all of these in. Lets move on to editing the joints.


To edit the joints, instead of pressing “Bind”, we need to press Edit, it will bring up a layout of all of the joints.

We can just click on the join to move it to the position we need it, the main join(RootPart to Frame) is perfect where it is at. But since we want the swings to work like an actual swing not just a piece of rope pivoting on an axial, we are going to need to move the where the rope meets the frame. To do this, just click on the joint and you will be greeted with the positioning Gui that roblox uses. Remember in the bottom left there is 2 options… We also have the ability to change the increment of moment as well as if we are rotating or not. You can see there that they are Labeled K and L to change them.

This is what mine looks like after we finish. Now we can just click on finish and get on to animating.

Step 3

Now time for the fun part, animating! We have a fully rigged model, all we need is to animate it…

To do this, just go click on the animation editor it should bring up a screen like this.

Click on your Model and press Select. It should open the main animation editor.

Since I all I doing is a simple swinging animation, I am only going to have 2 different frames that are looping… I have my time set to .5 which is plenty for a animation like this. Animating is just creating frames that the Rig tweens to when called. Since this is going to be a swinging animation, its perfect!

So for the first frame, I am just going to have 1 swing back and one forward.

For the next frame, I am going to do the inverse. So the one that is back will be forward and the one that is Forward will be back. I am going to be moving the time-bar to .25 seconds since this will be halfway.

Since this is going to be looping, I need to repeat the first frame as the last frame, I can just copy and paste it over.

Finally we have to set Looping to true, just click on the Edit menu and near the bottom there will be a option named “Looping”, just set it to true.

Now we just need to export the animation to roblox, just click on the File menu and scroll down the Export. Just follow the steps to publish by selecting “Create New.” Don’t forget to save the redirect link on the final page.

Step 4

Testing… After all of this work, I don’t know about you, but I want to see a swing move…
Lets replace the humanoid inside of the model with AnimationController and place a animation inside the model as well.


Now just paste that redirect link inside of the AnimationId property of the Animation. Since this is not a scripting tutorial, I am just going to write a simple script to see it work.

Insert a script inside of the model and paste this code.


local loadedanimation = script.Parent.AnimationController:LoadAnimation(script.Parent.Animation)

Step 5

Sit back and admire your work!

Note I did change the speed from .5 to 1.5


I hope this tutorial is useful for you. This has been a topic that I’ve needed multiple times just never been able to find a good tutorial on.



Thank you for this very useful tutorial, I will surely use this in the future!


Can you add a video for using the Character Creator Plug-in I’m stuck on that part.


And this is my Studio thing

I’m honestly stupid, idk where to put the Motor6D’s


Alright, give me a bit and Ill update it! Kinda new to video’s so might take a bit

This won’t upload for me, I’ve left it for 3 hours so far and still nothing. If you need it, DM me

As with the Motor6D joints, You want that ball to go where the normal joint would go, aka the pivot point. Whichever one you have selected will go to red.

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I’ve rigged up the model, but the animation edit keeps saying:
“Select rig to animate”.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here, it’s a small model.

Just click on the model, It should bring up another menu saying something like “Animate this model”. Just click okay and start

Something to note, the linked joint editor has some issues (such as fixed snap increments and deprecated function use).

I’ve made my own branch of it here:

If you want to rig perfectly precisely then my edit will be better suited to your purposes. (Not trying to advertise, I’m just sharing the copy of the editor I use when I do perfectly precise rigging.)

Still a very good tutorial, though perhaps you might want to mention how to use the stock editor since it has IK?

Nope, I’m getting nothing. On other rigs it works, and I can animate it, this model is being awkward.

Most likely certain aspects of the rig is off… Try trouble shooting these certain things…

  • Make sure there is a Root Part and Humanoid

  • Make sure the root part is Anchored

  • Make sure all parts are connected to the RootPart via the Motor6D joints created by the CharacterCreator

If none of these work, just delete all of the joints and try it again… It may of just been a misclick which happens often.


The Character Creator plugin is offsale now.

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Alright I just noticed it is off, Ill be on the lookout for a easy to use alternative…

@DaMrNelson Come on dude… The plug-in was fine…

Sorry about the delayed response, I don’t check in a ton these days.

I’m really happy you liked it. While I’m still not going to put it up on the main plugin page I’ve put the plugin back up.

If you’d prefer you can also download it directly here:
char-creator.rbxm (12.1 KB)
Just put char-creator.rbxm in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Roblox\Plugins and it will run fine.

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I appreciate it, I’ve used the plug-in for years never saw a problem with it. Thank you for releasing the files for it!

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Don’t know if this would be considered thread bumping, but I decided to follow this tutorial to animate a mech. I attempted to use the default roblox animation editor, and it did not appear to work in the desired behavior.

I’ve upload a gif showing me using the editor, and it not cooperating. 7KnA8X0kh8


I tested this against a default r15 rig I setup using a different plugin, and the animation editor worked. Is this user error, or did something change?

Please send help! Awesome tutorial though, appreciate the effort put into it!

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Definitely, from the few pictures, looks like the rig is messed up. One of the main things Im seeing is that the model is thinking the rightarm is the root…

If you don’t mind, add me on discord at 12904#1757 and I can go through all the steps and help you through it!

If not, we can of course talk here, just will make it a bit more difficult… The first thing I’d do is go through and re-rig the model, insuring you have a definite root part set. In this type of rig, I’d suggest having it in the torso area.

I sent a friend req on discord. I am Conmmander#9105.

That’s strange that it thinks rightarm is the root. I didn’t notice that before. I will attempt to rerig the model in this case first though until then.

Hello! Amazing tutorial, this is just what I was looking for :smiley:. One question though: I don’t have any scripting abilities, so is it possible to make this an executable command? (I’m useing a cutscene plugin too and I’d like to start the animation when the camera pans onto the person. So for example I can just paste a script or something into the camera script to activate the animation of the object.)

Will this worked with this plugin?

so I want to try experiment it so I don’t want to use the default animation plugin thou (I personal like Moon Animator plugin instead of default animation plugin)

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