How to animate Tool Handles easily! [OLD POST]

Do you have:

RequiresHandle set to false? If so, then you should be fine as long as Hammer is a descendant of the Tool. NOT your arm. That’s the issue.

You don’t need to clone a fake to the characters arm because 2 motor6d’s that do the same thing will collide.

If you animated initially with a part named “Handle” but later called it “Hammer” the animation won’t play because the keyframe name is different.

I would personally just call the hammer “Handle” and keep RequiresHandle turned on for the best experience.

I tried it with it set to true, and that changed nothing.
I’ll try animating the hammer with the name “Handle” and see what happens

If you animated the animation with the hammer being called “Handle” initially, it will expect that name only.

Oh, ill try animating it with the name “Handle” now, the original animation was made a long time ago.

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also normally for me instead of having to do the lazy and effortful creation and adjustment of a Motor6D which the rig’s right arm has which is connected to the handle to serve as an substitute i’d create a pre-planned pseudo handle

if you don’t know what that meant i’d create an invisible handle instead of the visible handle (sword like) being the only primary handle, the thing is if a Motor6D’s oldest ancestor is disconnected, the rest of the other ancestors and its descendants still function perfectly

if you still don’t get what i mean i’ll show some picture


the picture above is my own self-insert rig that shows the hierarchy of all connected outside motor6ds, if you noticed the right arm is connected to “Handle” which is the invisible 1-sized block that’s being highlighted by the blue screenbox, the handle2 is the sword mesh itself which is connected by “Handle”, now what i meant by motor6ds still functioning even if it’s ancestor is gone is that Handle shouldn’t even be animated at all in any animation editor and only the “Handle2” which is the handle’s motor6d, the reason why you shouldn’t animate “Handle” at all is because that is the motor6d in the right arm, if you turn this into a player tool the player doesn’t have a motor6d connected to the Handle itself but the handle’s motor6d connected to the handle2 doesn’t disappear which can prefix things

also, when editing the tool’s hold offsets, i suggest using clonetrooper’s tool editor plugin and it doesn’t affect anything if you change the Handle’s tool offset, heres the game where i used this method with the animation functioning perfectly with no qualms
(not advertising btw >:/)

Everything stated here may be true for you, but doing it this way is not necessarily “lazy”. It adds the basic functionality Roblox should have provided since the very beginning with animating tools, and it was never supposed to be super advanced anyways.

I appreciate the message though for anyone willing to try it, but it’s out of the scope of this resource since this is supposed to be user friendly

I loved this post, but I have a small issue with the tool animation:

I have an R6 Avatar, the tool is only one part, and the tools settings are the same, but for some reason my handle wont go far enough when animating than I want it to, for example:

This is what I WANT:

and this is what I am GETTING:

How can I move the handle farther? If there’s a way, please let me know!

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Yes, I tried resizing the tool…

I believe it’s animation overlap with idle and attack animation.

Use animation weight to adjust AnimationTrack:AdjustWeight.

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If you have a problem and need support, please Private Message me, not here.

I also need some replication files on how you got this result as this seems to be an error with the way you animated.


I believe I found your issue. It is quite possible that you enabled this because you were curious, or Roblox forced it on in a new update. I need you to switch this toggle, AnimationWeightedBlendFix, to Disabled under the Workspace service.


Some people have reported that it’s made animations behave weirdly, and I believe also encountering this when I turned the toggle on myself.



Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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For some reason… My tool keeps acting weird when I reset. I was going to disable resetting anyway but I want to make sure it doesn’t break when somebody does (Just in case).

Basically, I reset, then when I respawn my tool does nothing but stay in my arm (still motor6d’d to my arm). How do I fix this?

I would love to continue this troubleshooting process in my Direct Messages on the forum.

If you could show me the way you have setup your tool so I can further assist that would be nice. Thank you.

UPDATED! Please read for more information!

This will impact the experiences in which you use the Motor6DHandler script! Make sure you check over the way you’re handling Idle and Action animations, because the WeightedAnimationBlendFix will be forced on soon, and it’s best you use the brand new Priorities roblox has added to compensate for the issues that it brings!

help tool is stuck on right hand

I can’t believe how this helped me and how it inspired me that you can and are ALLOWED to correct people.

Hey there! I’m not really sure what’s going on here?








So for some reason, the sword is positioned the wrong way? This is the second time I’ve redone the tutorial from scratch, no luck. Am I missing something here?

You probably didn’t compensate for WeightedAnimationBlendFix. Ensure you’re playing idles, actions, etc on all their respective levels:

Idle → Action 1
Action (Such as using the tool) → Action 2

If you’re using welds incorrectly with your tool, this could be impacting it.

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Here’s the portion of the code that plays the animation, am I doing something wrong here?

Oh and, I also made it print out the priority. It prints out Enum.AnimationPriority.Action so I know that it’s using the right AnimationPriority.

local function LoadAnimation(id, priority)
	local char = player.Character or player.CharacterAdded:Wait()
	local hum = char:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
	local animator = hum:WaitForChild("Animator")
	repeat task.wait() until animator:IsDescendantOf(workspace)
	local anim ="Animation") do
		anim.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://" .. id

	local load = animator:LoadAnimation(anim) do
		load.Priority = priority

	return load

	local anim = LoadAnimation(animation.idle, Enum.AnimationPriority.Action)
	anim.Looped = true
		if inputConnection then
		if anim then


Here’s the screenshot for the welds inside the tool:


Am I doing something incorrectly here?