How to animate weapon?

Hello, while trying to animate my weapon it seems as it is not working.
What is supposed to happen^^
What happens. ^
It is “welded” with a motor6d.

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Is the animation being played locally or on the server?

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On the server, 303030303030303030303

Is it welded with Moon animator’s ez weld?

I don’t know what that is, is it something i should be using?

The problem is welding be sure u weld the weapon perfectly

in the dummy it’s welded with a motor6d, and i did the same with the character

Moon animator is an Epic plugin which is used for animations and other stuff like welding things. You should use it to weld things

I know what moon is, im just confused as to why i should be using the moon “weld” for my hammer.

you have to do some adjustments, you basically need to create 2 handles, the main and invisible handle and the handle of the weapon (if it makes sense, the reason why i said 2 is because the 2nd handle has a motor6d of the first one which the first one doesn’t need) since inside the roblox animation plugin your rig’s arm has a motor6d connected to the weapon but your player doesn’t so an alternate is to make a precision’d motor6d and set its offset

I dont have a handle on my tool, and the hammer motor 6d is connected to the right arm and the hammer

let’s say the hammer is the handle, your player that you are controlling in play mode doesn’t have a motor6d attached to the hammer at all, you need to create a secondary handle and never touch it, you connect the hammer to the secondary handle which will always have an motor6d or you need to make a new motor6d

this is my hammer.
The vector stuff was just me messing around to try to make it work btw.

ok look

take a picture of all the hierarchies in the rig model and the hierarchies of your player holding the weapon, tell me what is missing and that’s what i’m pointing out

This is the player ^^^
The motors are inside of the hammer.

i meant the full hierarchies like all of the parts shown i need to see for myself


why is the name of the hammer’s motor6d “Motor6d” in the player hierarchy but it’s “Hammer” on the dummy?

Honestly i dont know, ill check if it changes anything if i rename it.

Update: it works now, i found out that the part0 and part1 were the other way around, making the animations not work.
But, there is one thing i would like to fix.
How do i position the hammer so it looks like its being held by the player?